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A Seasoned Trial And Appellate Lawyer

Attorney William G. Cromwell has a long history of assisting clients and fellow attorneys in need of robust legal representation in the courtroom. His successful outcomes are based on intelligent strategies, assertive negotiation and meticulous attention to details in the courtroom.

If mistakes occur in the trial, you may be able to seek to have the lower court’s judgment reversed, vacated or remanded. Sending the case back to the trial court for further proceedings or otherwise changing or upholding the lower court’s decisions is a complex process. You must act quickly for appealing or upholding the trial court’s ruling.

When you are seeking a trial or appellate lawyer, contact Cromwell Law Firm LLC in Atlanta for a consultation. Attorney Cromwell provides legal assistance to individuals and to other attorneys.

Full-Scale Legal Representation

Whatever your reason for litigation, it is essential to have your matter addressed promptly and efficiently. Attorney Cromwell understands how time is of the essence, particularly if you are looking to appeal or uphold the trial court’s ruling. With many years of experience preparing legal briefs and oral arguments, and practicing before Georgia’s state courts, Superior Court, the Georgia Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia, you can rely on him for counsel, advice and representation. He can assist you with matters involving:

This list is not exhaustive. Speak with attorney Cromwell to discuss how his personalized legal assistance may be of benefit in your situation.

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Years of courtroom experience can make a significant difference in the outcome of your legal matter. Put attorney Cromwell’s knowledge in your corner. Call Cromwell Law Firm LLC in Atlanta at 678-648-7184 or reach out online to schedule a consultation.